Tragic youthful mistake plea against death sentence

Two Australians have been found guilty of drug trafficking, and meted the death sentence.

Australia wanted clemency and had been an advocate against death sentence, where some deemed that these traffickers had done “tragic youthful mistake” (read the article here) deserving escape from death sentence. I wonder if Hitler had been a youth, would he had been given a better light regardless of his deed?

Now, how many of anti-death advocates see families living in a death sentence daily because of the drug menace (heroine is no recreation drug)? Unlike the two Australians who were given a date for sentencing, there are families living in hellish neighbourhood fearful of the day when one of their family members are dealt with death (or a life sentence to prostitution). Such death sentence is most cruel than what convicted drug traffickers have to deal with. Death sentence serve to remove threats (and remind others to be a non-threat), it is not revenge.

Drug traffickers did it for the greed of money and the illusion that they won’t be caught. If there is a probability of being caught, it would be one in a few thousands (most probably).

8 kg of heroine can destroy more than hundreds of families (multiplied by family members and multiplied by the victims of crime). I supposed Indonesian lives are more expandable?

Let us say if these two Australians escaped the death sentence and are sent to life imprisonment, will the Australian government foot their bill? If the government will do that, I see no wrong in sparing the death sentence on these two. That way, the surplus from the monetary fund can then be channeled to improve the prison condition for the benefit of locals and foreigners.

What say you?


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