Good or bad neighbor?

My neighbor brought an old couple as guest to her home for dinner, we met and we were introduced. An unexpected side-question was uttered by the husband of the couple, “is he a good neighbor”?

My embarrassed neighbor answer promptly saying good things about me and my family who lived just next door.

The next question directed to me blew me off my feet, “are you local or foreigner”?


I’m flabbergasted.


Facebook… I’m really irritated by you, just bring back the simple untag function

What the hell… could you bring back the simple untag function? I don’t really want to tell you why I want to untag things/people that I tagged in the first place (be it my own photos or other people’s album). Why don’t you let me do a simple “tag, ops I need to untag” decision on my own? Why do you need to know all the things that I do on Facebook? Haven’t you snooped enough? Now you want to be the bottle-neck of the choices I make on Facebook? Do you know how irritating that could be?

Imagine if you go to a fast-food and decided to order chicken burger, then you say “ops, I want fish instead”; how do you feel if the cashier produce a sheet of paper asking you to fill a freaking reason why you opted for fish instead of chicken? Worst, the irritated you wanted to leave the outlet and forgo the meal with the fast-food restaurant BUT you can’t leave because the snoopy bouncer wanted to know the reason you decide to “un-visit” the outlet. Can you freaking understand the “feel-good” feeling evaporated once you (Facebook) becomes a nagging bug?

Just give me back the ease to opt and decide on what I want to do or act. You just do what is more crucial and important…. safeguard our privacy and enhance your security features. Let us have fun on Facebook rather than having to REPORT to you on every gritty tiny bit of stuff which really irritates me to the max. Don’t be a naggy!

Google maps starred location over time forgotten

Google Google, why don’t you allow users to rename starred location to their liking? At least allow us to describe what the heck the starred location was for…¬† I’ve got several addresses starred, but over time I’ve forgotten whose address it was. Bummer, no?

Is it really that difficult to allow users to save renamed starred items in their handset (if it’s super difficult to do it on your server)? Would appreciate it if Google could add this feature.

Democracy + freedom of expression = Thai crisis 2013. How?

Democracy oh democracy, what happened in Thailand? How did a legitimate government reduced to submission due to it being held hostage by opposition leaders?

Libels oh libels, when freedom of expression escalates to incitement. How did that happen? When there is no control and liability in freedom of expression, there is only chaos. Freedom is a double-edged sword. Those who subscribe to complete freedom without any accountability are disillusioned (if not naive) people because such freedom breeds terrorism, extremism, panic, chaos and threat if not regulated or restricted. Journalists “might” know how to self-regulate, but human will be human… erred to the core. Furthermore, journalists are controlled by editors, and editors are controlled by board of directors, if not tycoons (aka owners). Even if government don’t control the press, the press will still (and always) be controlled by human. If that is the case, press should be regulated, no? Imagine how powerful press owners will be if there is no rule. I would be indeed very nice to press owners if I want to stay as prime minister. I would be extremely nice and generous if I aspire to be a prime minister. So, how is it possible for press to be unregulated when it is “owned”? Also, how can news be objective when people who writes it is very subjective, or when journalists are being “assigned” to news by superiors? E.g. if I’m a sport journalist and I want to cover cycling event, but due to marketing advice, my editor wanted me to cover football/tennis instead. Furthermore, “bad news” is always good news to marketing, and hence we don’t see a lot of news about Samaritans as compared to criminals. A very good example of freedom of press gone wrong is illustrated fictionally by J. Jonah Jameson, Inc. (Daily Bugle) against Spiderman (Marvel Comics).

Last, I guess democracy is weak when the majority is merely herds rather than collective intellectuals. Furthermore, there is never ever a good idea to rely on freedom of press to get objective news. Press will always be subjective no matter what. Also, libel will be libel regardless of justification. If it’s judicially decided as libel, freedom of press what-not should pay the price nonetheless.

I don’t aspire to have dictatorship in any system of government, but what I despise the most is having rats in democratic system. A good government should be preserved and not held hostage by any means, be it opposition, army or press. I despise bigots. If Thai opposition wants change, they should also relinquish their hunger for positions when they suggest Shinawatra to relinquish her post. If not, they are just as bad and power hungry. A true justice and conciliatory action would be to allow fresh untainted faces (but equally capable) to run for election, rather than having the face who incited the Bangkok shutdown (which showed no care for the health of Thai economy nor peace and stability in the country).

Simple, if Thai opposition leaders wants change, suggest this

If Thai opposition leaders are true to their cause for justice and conciliatory action, they should suggest this….
They are willing to step down from election and allow new faces to run for election in reciprocal suggestion that¬† Shinawatra steps down. If they can’t do that, then I perceive it that they are just as bad, considering that they want to win at whatever cost by bypassing legitimate democratic process.