Google search autocorrect is becoming a nuisance

Google search autocorrect is really making life uneasy for me. A search for the same topic lists a lot of posts stating that they wanted to opt out from this silly ill-planned feature in google search. I don’t blame them because it is really frustrating to be unable to search for what you want and being stuffed with garbage. I guess that is the reason old search engines died,i.e. THEY GAVE GARBAGE MOST OF THE TIME. Since when google regressed to that stage? At least allow users to have more control of the search platform. Not all are dependent on autocorrect. Autocorrect is useful for word processors where hundreds and thousands of words are being typed and typos bound to happen (statistically). However, I have not encountered anyone who would type in more than twenty words into the search. What is the chance of getting a typo without noticing it?

If google insist that many kids nowadays are using it and autocorrect will help them in their assignments, I would say, “well, fine…”, but at least allow people to decide. Empower us users rather than shackle us to “routine”. Let us choose what we want to do with the search. Do you know that even after I switched my language to Klingon, I still get autocorrect for the words I typed. Almost 30% of the results are garbage (defined as having no specific word [typed into search] in the content). Imagine my frustration seeing all the bold words in the search results not equal to the words I wanted. To me, this is an insult.

So, In order to bypass such predicament, I had to use the plus sign (+) and the double inverted commas (aka quotes) and minus sign (-) to get what I want. Sometimes I have to minus several words to get the only word I want. Other times I have to remove irritating websites with such means because google search preferred that users have no say in filtering out “offensive” sites.

All the problems I’m facing is actually very simple,i.e. google is not allowing me to have a say in what I want. I have to follow google’s routine. I do have options, but I wonder when do I get to say what options should be included in google apps, services etc. What is the use of options when they weren’t decided by you?

I guess I will just have to wait a little longer for something good to happen in google. I do hope that google team will be able to spot this article and all the posts, forum, comments out there by other users and decide how to improve their act.