Telemarketers be terse

Previously, I said this, “I can never understand them telemarketers. They would call, then they would speak a hundred words and I still don’t really know who they are and what they want.”

> I guess I said this because I was frustrated with the same calls about the things I explicitly said I had no need, ever. E.g. insurance.

“They are wasting my time. Unless time is their performance index, i.e. the longer they speak to a customer, the higher the point, and therefore they try to stretch this limit and my limit.”

> I guess I’m not happy about this because they never ever called in the right timing.

I only wish they could be terse, e.g. “we r client/partner of ABC bank and this bank sold your particular to us. We r insurance company with plenty of plans. It would take gazillion years to tell u the benefit of our insurance plans. Currently we r selling this plan which covers….. Interested?” A better alternative would be, “ABC bank ‘recommended’ your number to XYZ company, that’s us. We r selling this KLM plan. R u interested to know more?”

> If they could at least allow us to know if there is any need to continue with this phone conversation, it would be so much appreciated, no?

On reflection of my previous post, I guess I was most unhappy about several things. First, unsolicited calls are never welcomed. Second, don’t call to ask why we have no need for a product. Third, I don’t like to commit to anything as serious as buying insurance over a phone from God knows who.

I feel bad I had to vent my unhappiness in a crude way from previous post that I’ve amended.


“Gender equality”, why men hate this statement..

Time and again, men (especially young men) despise such statement being made by women rights groups. Why do they react in such a way, especially when these men have loved ones comprising womenfolk at home, e.g. mother, sisters, aunts, cousins, other family members as well as best friends?

Take for example the comments from Yahoo News SAF stopping the singing of ‘misogynist’ lyrics from marching song: AWARE

The commentators (mostly young adults I guess) would equate their hardship at NS training being more than women; and hence there shouldn’t be any equality in this sense – because they experienced more hardship while girls don’t. They seemed to dislike the connotation of equality because men think they sacrificed more in society. Likewise, women fight for “equality” want to be treated equally because their sacrifice is comparable if not more than men.

To me, I think both sexes are right in the sense that they sacrificed a lot for society and humankind. They are actually fighting for the same cause. Women fight for “equality” doesn’t mean that they are belittling the contribution and sacrifice of menfolk – in actuality, they are fighting against “inequality”. Fighting against “inequality” doesn’t deprive men of their strength.

The statement “fight for equality” is misleading to men and to me because there can never be equality of sexes (nor their roles in society). Probably that is the reason why some men dislike such statement.

For example, men work in construction sector where womenfolk don’t because of the “unequal” physiques. Secondly, men fight in war and kill (or got killed) in seconds and later awarded as heroes, whereas women work in the “safe zone” mending the injure. Last, most men work all day just to bring bread to table while women stay at home.

In reality, we don’t realize that women are not ignoring men contribution nor their hardship. In sectors where women can contribute, they are just asking to be given “equal” treatment and opportunity as men (based on performance rather than on sexes). As men, we surely want our loved ones such as mothers, or wives (and daughters) to be respected and given equal treatment at work, no? Furthermore, in war we fought and killed millions in seconds, BUT do we realize that women fight for 9 months and 20 more years to bring up a life without any expectation for any HEROES awards except to see the smile of their sons (and daughters)? We can’t really compare because comparing is doing injustice.

Probably that is why “fighting for equality” statement which serve to compare causes some dislike in men because they don’t realize in-an-instance that the word equality is context-dependent such as in terms of education, health, and work – and not to equate men’s role with women’s.

But I guess young adults will be young and will need time to mature. These individuals will realize that one day they will have daughters and the realization that having women rights in society will ensure that their daughters will at least be in good hands. Furthermore, women rights group movement comprises men as active members and not exclusively women – and this should be made known to everyone constantly.

As a son, a father, and cousin brother to my loved ones, I for one support women rights and respect them. I consider myself a member to AWARE Singapore (and other women rights group), although I’m not a registered member.