Rega ceiling fan lifetime warranty caveats

I bought a Rega ceiling fan from Choong Ying Pte Ltd at IMM Building level 3 no 17 (referring to the receipt info) on new year eve of 2012. It cost SGD 360.

I had no previous information about this brand nor did I check the review about the company selling this fan. My first impression about the company was very good because of the help the salesperson given me during the buying process.

I got the ceiling fan (model V10/56) and the salesperson offered to give me the 3 speed control wall panel/module for FREE. When the technician came, the installation was okay during the mounting of the ceiling fan. However, when he was installing the 3 speed control panel, it was bad – he had to drill holes on the wall. The process was very distasteful: (1). He purposely drop his tools onto the unprotected marble floor when he was finished using them. This action caused several chipped spots on the surface (I told him on the second “throw” because I gave him the benefit of a doubt on the first incident), (2). The drilled hole did not match and he had to re-drill.

When the wall control was fixed, the knob for controlling the fan speed was faulty – whenever you turn the knob to the next speed, there was an abrupt electric buzzing sound. For fear of electrocuting my loved ones at home, I asked for a replacement and he said – all the control panel is the same (i.e. defective). I had to insist that he stayed put while I rushed to a shop to get a better control panel for the fan. He had to re-drill (the poor wall) to fix the control panel/module. Thank god it was all over….

Six months later, the fan started to decrease speed. Speed 3 slowed to equal that of speed 2 and subsequently speed 2 is equivalent to speed 1. Two days ago, it stopped completely. Adjusting the speed dial did nothing. A touch on the fan motor part gave sensation of a motor-“whirring” vibration suggesting that the electricity is flowing through the motor and the motor is “vibrating” but not powerful enough to move the blade.

A call to the service center today was the best decision of all. The person on the phone said that the motor is under life-time warranty. If I decide to claim the warranty, a technician will drop by my home and inspect the fault. That will cost me SGD 30 for the transportation and SGD 80 for the service (or installation fee). However, if the technician diagnosed the fault as not being the motor, the transportation and service fee still apply but additional parts not under warranty will be charged. Third scenario is that if the technician comes and diagnosed the fault and I decide not to take any action, the transportation and minimal SGD15 fee (for diagnostic) still applies. Thank you so much – I decided the hell with Rega and Choong Ying Pte Ltd (no. 199906782Z). Move on to shop for other ceiling fans.

FYI: The reason for opting Rega instead of major brands such as KDK et al. is due to the fact that the colour of this specific fan matched our living room. KDK comes mostly with metallic or white colour. Anyway… going for KDK this time.

Advertisements is down for some time now…

Not sure if it’s affecting just me or others, but I’m getting to dislike this message “sorry, your request can’t be processed due to a system problem. Contact the help desk if the problem persist. [SD-008]” and a variant “Sorry, your request could not be processed because the format of the URL was incorrect. Contact the Help Desk if the problem persists. [SD-001]”.

What does that mean? How do I contact help desk?

If you Google with the error string, you get a lot of hits about 51k. Isn’t Elsevier embarrassed?

The error message means nothing helpful. It’s it server down or login problem or restricted access etc? What is it?

I guess I will have to spend some time deciphering the error message and figure out how to contact “help desk”.

Update: I figured out what is the meaning of the error message. In short, it means “pay up if you want it”. When I accessed the site using my institution’s network, it worked flawlessly… I stick by my word that the error message mean zilch to me. Nada! What is the use of error message with code [001] [008] if users can’t decode it? At least provide a weblink beside the error message to direct users to make a report.

Sorry, your request could not be processed because the format of the URL was incorrect. Contact the Help Desk if the problem persists. [SD-001]