Expiry or manufacturing date on a product?

Dear Manufacturers,

Please be considerate as to allow consumers to figure out what the date on your product means. Best still, why not date all your products as expiry dates instead of being smart Alec and date your products as you please.

For example, I have a Kodomo baby lotion powder with the date 020312 and I am really confused. First, I am unsure what the first four numbers are. They could be (ddmm or mmdd). I can only guess the last two numbers are (yy). FYI d=day, m=month, y=year. Second, I am unsure if the date is manufacturing date or expiry date. It would make more sense if the manufacturer just provide consumers with expiry date because I don’t give a shit when the product was manufactured, I only care when I should stop using it. If the manufacturer insist on printing manufacturing date, at least be sensible as to provide information about “use within duration from date of  manufacture” or in short, “good within 2 years (from date of manufacture)”. See how cumbersome to print manufacturing date?? Make life easy and just print expiry date!

What should I do with my Kodomo product that have all the dates printed but make no sense? Anyone contacted Kodomo to get the above answer? I have emailed them and hope to receive a response soon. Will update this post (hopefully soon).


Update (20130602-yyyymmdd)

I have received a response from Kodomo representative. The date on the product is manufacturing date and the expiry date is 3 years from the manufacturing date (ddmmyy format). The example above would have an expiry date of 02 March 2015. Just hope Kodomo will switch to expiry date soon because manufacturing date makes no sense.


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