What I missed but can’t do…

I guess if you “grow up” (as in grow up can’t you!) in a society, you tend to conform to the norms in manners and behaviour that you lose your carefree self (one you missed the most). The older you get, the less fun and interesting life becomes. To make matter worst, there are rules and laws to punish those who divert too far from accepted behaviour. Those who stayed “eccentric” faces challenges of being accepted as part of society. Sometimes, the fear of incarceration place a pressure to conform. Here are some acceptable things to do that I missed.

1. Squat and sit everywhere I choose, especially when I’m physically exhausted. I don’t mind squatting/sitting beside walkways, pavements, staircase, etc….

2. Staring at people. What is so wrong in staring people, or being stared at? Why would it make a person uncomfortable? Ever wonder how performers feel being stared for hours? An alternative is just stare blankly for hours, and outcompete even the zombies in doing so.

3. Laugh out loud. Come on, laughters are contagious, they shouldn’t be made to feel as nuisance (well, except in library, other’s funeral etc. of course).

4. Climb. Climb trees and buildings (or any structural aspect of a building), rails etc. Just climb and jump and repeat that until you are exhausted.

5. Shout out loud. When was the last time we emptied our lung to a contented shout of happiness, frustration, anger, surprise etc? It felt so good just to be able to increase the decibel of our surrounding. Wouldn’t that be a kick if accompanied by crazy dance/move?

6. Sit and keep quiet for the longest time among friends or with company. Shut down and listen and then drift off by the sound of incoherent conversation in the background. It is sort of like “stoned” with company.

to be continued…..