Permanent ink with limits

Pens and inks – how permanent are these inks? I assumed them to be permanent, but experience told me otherwise.

Pencil can be permanent, but the carbon tend to stick onto surfaces upon friction and this can cause smudge/stain. It could also stain the page to the extent of  being illegible. In addition, the type of paper plays a role in retaining the carbon, i.e. printer papers are less durable. So, pencil is an alternative, but not without flaw.

Back to pens. The advert for pen always emphasizes on the pen performance (smoothness upon writing etc.), and ink durability (in other words: how long can a pen last until depletion?). Some mentioned about safety (without toxic component). There is no mention about how long can the ink last on a page. The isn’t any study to show time limit for such ink! For your info, ink will quickly fade if exposed to sunlight (or in combination with humidity).

How is this any concern to us? Well imagine if you penned a diary about your beautiful children since their arrival (in the hope that they will read it someday), and you discover later that the ink is no longer there…

How about writing a masterpiece or ideas? Or still prefer to write cursive to loved ones expressing feelings?

So, choose your ink or pen wisely to avoid shock and disappointment…


Sued for piracy; but can we sue big company for subjecting us to unsolicited exposure to entertainment

Movies, songs, games etc. They are addictive, like a drug. We tend to be hooked onto them easily. Other times, we get traumatized/tantalized/taunted by the unsolicited previews. Oh, the agony of being subjected to this “torture”. As a plaintiff, I wish I could sue the big companies for the mental torture. I could start suing public television networks for being an accomplice to such “heinous” act on us (the masses), e.g. by assisting/abetting entertainment “pushers”.

They are luring us into addiction by showing unsolicited previews of movies, songs, games. Afterwards, the Industry demand payment for this stuff when people are hooked to it. It might be silly thinking of it that way, but if you contemplate the scenario – there is unfairness to the deal.

Why shouldn’t we be compensated for being the receiving ends of their unsolicited advert on movies/games (or other entertainment)? If the industry demand payment for “users” to watch/listen to their “stuff”, the industry should pay the majority for forcing them to watch/listen to their stuff/crap (e.g. unsolicited, and without prior warning or given enough time to escape the assault to the senses).

It would be interesting wouldn’t it if all of us are being compensated for being subjected to unsolicited inescapable previews found almost everywhere nowadays, e.g. subways, trains, mrts, lrts, tubes, buses, shopping malls, public television networks, internet, newspapers, magazines, posters, etc……

Just a thought 🙂