Plenty of tactical training, not enough of ethics training…

US military admits Mali mistakes .

Sometimes good intentions are bad if made in haste and without plan. In my opinion, three worst ever mistakes made by US in international crisis are: (1) waged war to destroy a system of government (causing chaotic void), (2) improper and hasty recruitment of native security forces, (3) throwing in democracy to a nation of people who are too young to understand, especially when education level is next to nil (what makes you think the majority understand their rights when they had been suppressed for so long, let alone exercise them?).

To instal democracy, the process should have taken a longer time. US should have allowed education to flourish before leaving the populace to fend for themselves under false impression of democracy.

Although I can’t blame US entirely (considering how hostile the middle east is to the west), US is still responsible for the mess it caused to the nation involved as well as its neighbors.

I hope now the childish taunting of North Korea to the US will not leave another stupid war and vacuum afterwards, followed by a big mess. In addition, US presence at the spot will cause a lot of paranoia of it’s neighbour(s).

A response to comment about working elders in Singapore

First, people complained about foreign workers snatching away cleaning jobs from locals, especially the elderly. Then they highlighted the presence of the elderly at shops picking up recyclables for a living. Next they suggested how sad to see the elderly working as cleaners or in fast food joints, e.g McD.

I am really sick of the accusation that all these are the work of Singapore government. These oppositions can really blame!

First of, what is so darn wrong about the above jobs? The elderly has pride and they would rather work than beg. Furthermore, their jobs are decent and nothing to be ashamed of. Who are you to show your pitiful face to them when they walk tall? If you think their jobs are pathetic, what type of job suits them? Which company, whose boss are willing to employ them, and at what level?

Some elderly end up with cleaning job because they lacked education. They could have dropped out due to financial problem (or bad choices). The latters’ problem are their own problem. Who are you to show pity and start accusations, and barking the wrong tree? Education is by law a requisite for family, but after high school (or sec), dropping out is no crime and the government can’t do a thing!

Some elderly worked because they are lonely at home, esp. when kids are grown and working. Few elderly are alone because they were childless and also due to passing of their spouse. Fewer are due to mental problem and difficulty for their children or spouse to control them and hence they wander. How are any of these anyone’s fault?

Mind you, there are a handful who ended up lonely (or pathetic) because they were BAD parents and abusive spouses. Due to karma, they are lonely because they drove off their loved ones long ago. Who are you to blame all these problems to the government?

If you can’t help the above people, don’t start the blame game. If you sincerely want to help, write the the government of your suggestions and volunteer to help. Be constructive, rather than barking incoherently.

Addicted to Yahoo thumbs?

What’s with, “Congratz, u got thumbs up for your comment, your answer, your pictures, etc.”. I just don’t care!

Probably that is why I’m getting more thumbs down than up. It really doesn’t matter to me much, whether I have ups or downs, but I couldn’t take it when I get this message, “comment hidden due to low rating”. What the hell? I would have preferred the old days when comments were screened by admin for inappropriateness. It had been fairer (or just) rather than being “censored” because what I said wasn’t agreeable to the majority.

How fortunate that not all sites subscribe to thumb down….

Yahoo News Bohoo Comments

I’m not a fan of Yahoo News, not because the news sucks. The news are impartial most of the time, even though sometimes they are unpalatable. So, I’m not referring to the news section in Yahoo.

I’m referring to the comments part. It seems that the comments are always on the negative. They are mostly filled with anger, frustration, insults, sarcasm and instigation. Very rarely there are anything positive in the comments, which is really sad.

I would guess that to these commentators, Yahoo News is a sort of venting area for frustration and anger; and a place where they will get likes (or encouragement) if it suit the majority of commentators’ sentiment or wrath if it doesn’t.

News is already full with negativity, e.g. natural disaster, crime rate, economic slump, scandals etc. due to it’s specific and biassed highlights of these events as accordance to general marketing observation, “bad news attracts a lot more attention”.

I guess it is more intuitive for me (and majority of less angry people) to shun the comment section when we come across Yahoo News. If need be, I would just “comment-and-run” without looking back at the response. At least I marked the section with a little piece of my thought on news of interest even though it would be overwhelmed with negative comments.

Lastly, if you need constructive criticism, don’t visit Yahoo News comment section. However, if you need to know Yahoo readers sentiment, visit at your own risk.

Reserved seatings, but unreserved mutual respects


We know the meaning of this seating (reserved seating). They are meant for commuters who need them more than others. However, sometimes people at the borderline of the definition “needy” makes it difficult to distinguish who needs and who doesn’t.

The best way to help distinguishing (as well as show respect to one another) would be to ask for the seat courteously, without reservation nor expectation. The former describes needless feeling of reservation (nor qualm) in asking for seat regardless of circumstances (e.g. if the other party sleeps or pretend to be). As for the latter, no-expectation means we don’t expect to get the seat. This helps prepare and beef us for whatever the outcome may be; only with less expectation comes less disappointment (or frustration and anger) but it will be a pleasant surprise as well after knowing how caring and friendly people really are. Don’t forget that after having made a proactive approach of asking for seat, we let ourselves be in a lot more control of a situation and whatever outcome is just secondary to that rewarding feeling we feel inside. Who knows, we could be helping the other party-who-let-us-his-seat feel good about his being and deed as well.

Lastly, do have faith that majority of people are good and they are willing to let seats to the needy.

Smile always and you will get one in return…