New Year resolution 2013

List of things to do:
1. Healthy lifestyle – exercise, healthy diet, less worries, be happy….
2. Positive aura – less worries, be happy, discount setbacks, count blessings, recognize self worth, receive constructive criticism….
3. Work smart – set realistic goals and prioritise, achieve goals with less amount of time without compromising commitments and responsibilities, identify bottlenecks and find solutions, overexertion compromise thinking, help and let help….
4. Family – if you can achieve the above, you will be able to love your family, friends and people more…..


Saving trees by going e-statement, BUT

We have been very conscious of saving trees by reducing unnecessary paper wastage via paper statements. We opted for e-statement wherever possible.

It is really disheartening to see unsolicited mails and adverts stuffed into our mailbox. What irks me is that there is no opting out of this wastage. What is the use of going green then?

It’s akin to giving an advantage to these spammers in terms of cost saving. I’m saying this because, when papers are not in high demand (due to more opting for e-statement), spammers get better rate for printing.

The only loser is the subject we tried saving, namely trees…

Black mold growing on my electric toothbrush

Sometimes, R&D plays a very important role in improving products. A thorough and well designed R&D will anticipate every circumstances the product will encounter.

For a toothbrush, being constantly placed in a bathroom inevitably causes it to be exposed to high humidity. This is a place well suited for all kinds of microbial growth. Designing material that can withstand this problem is crucial. Alas, this toothbrush and others are not well designed. The manufacturers only focused on a material that allowed for better and comfortable grip, but failed to factor in hygiene and microbiostatic property.


In my case, black mold is growing on this electric toothbrush and the rate of growth depends on the level of humidity. On a rainy season, I lose my toothbrush faster.

Imitation product in e-shop

Found out early that there is such a thing as imitation products in e-shops, esp those concept store where everyone can be a seller such as Ebay. Reviews sometimes help in decision making, but only when buyers were unaware.

A simple example would be, battery. How can you tell? The packaging and exterior of the battery looks exactly as genuine. For me, it was the rate of these batteries getting flat that prompted me to google, and surely enough, this problem have been blogged long time ago.

The advice given by most of the affected buyers are still very relevant, “if the deal is to good to be true, something is not right”.


For me, I found out in a less expensive way. Luckily I’m not into branded stuff…

My opinion is, let buyers know if you are selling imitation. At least, buyers will get to decide if they want original or fake.

How to rename Google Map starred places

Currently, there is no way. If you are reading this, why not post a review on the Google Play asking for this option? I have done that, but my single voice is not significant enough, hence I have posted this blog in the hope that more voices can be made to add the feature.

I have googled and other posts on the topic had been made since yr 2011…

What? Google+ Idiot?

Now Google had gotten on my nerves. I am not an “exhibitionist” and don’t really like to place my presence on the Web. I am just ordinary, a person who doesn’t appreciate unsolicited proposal (or more accurately imposition) to upload my boring life (or presence) on the Web. Google is not doing me any favor, it’s just $ for them. My preference of staying anonymous is no longer an option.

Now, anyone who opted for Google+ will regret their stupidity in trusting Google. Just out-of-the-blue, Google has decided that all reviews in Play will be signed off with a Google account (instead of staying anonymous or given a choice to opt for that). So, Mr Smith or Mrs Smith who commented “what an awesome game ever”, he/her reviews can be searched by their employers (through Google paid services) and an association can be assumed by the employer of the former’s job performance… The next meeting with the boss could be, “Your performance was unsatisfactory, cut down on the games or you will be fired”.

That is just the simplest example…

Now, if you go to Google Play and see reviews made, those made on Dec 2012 will have their full name displayed (assuming that they used their real name). So, pen off carefully because privacy is no longer in our control when we are using Google services…….