Certificate of entitlement (COE) dilemma

Singapore road is limited, and limiting the amount of vehicles is a must. If unregulated, jams will be a regular event. To do this, the LTA have several options, or mainly just two that I can think of (either draws or the current price-bidding system) . Whatever choice taken, it involves limited amount of certificate of vehicle entitlement (aka COE). Now, here is the dilemma…

If LTA allows draws for applicants, cost of owning vehicles will drop drastically and genuine owners will enjoy the benefit of lowered cost of owning vehicles (and so do taxi company and other corporations requiring vehicles to operate). However, “vultures” will also hover above this mechanism and land onto applying for COEs in order to speculate these precious, limited certificates and drives the price up for second owners and pocket these profits. Believe me, taxi companies and corporations will comprise second buyers and thus the above system will not save their cost. If LTA imposes minimal years-of-ownership before transfer (as our current HDB), it will hamper owners who can’t afford cars (due to unforeseen circumstances) to rid of liability and debt.

As for the current COE, I will not say much as we have grown familiar with this mechanism.

For those who opposes, COE – my question to you is, “do you have a better system that will (1) not be misused for speculation, (2) reduce cost of ownership for taxi companies and business entities, so as to reduce overall cost and price inflation, (3) advantageous to current COE system….?” – I believe many similar to I would like to hear from you.


2 min that is broken at MRT station

Is it just me or someone else is realizing it too, that MRT’s time is not working properly? 2 min for the next train that never come because the timer isn’t at work or just failed to count down… Why 2 min out of all the possible numbers that can be displayed to misguide the masses? I would have been more forgiving if MRT would have just timed “10 min” or “inapplicable” rather than 2 … some cruel joke?

Crackling sound of kneecap

I’m experiencing a kneecap (or knee joint) pain whenever I was climbing a flight of stairs. On close inspection, I realized that whenever I flexed and extended my leg, there was crackling sound emanating from the knee. This prompted me to search for an answer for this condition. At least with a name, it will facilitate further search on cause and prevention, and most important… treatment options.

Chondromalacia patella (aka kneecap cartilage softening or degeneration) is caused by wear and tear (or physical trauma) from playing sport. There is a good article about the subject from this site (NTU Langone Med Centre, assessed on 24th Nov 2012).

As my condition is still manageable, I’ve decided to strengthen the muscle around this area to buffer the impact of future activities. Probably intermittent impactless sports, followed by running/jumping will reduce risk of injury.

Other good references